On location, Kinlochleven, Scotland, January 2018



My passion for photography first started in 2007 when I got my first DSLR – a Nikon D40x.  The more I learnt the more interested in the hobby I became and such did my lust for better gear and an ever-growing list of images I wanted to capture, places I wanted to visit and experiences I wanted to have.

In recent years I have visited some beautiful and remote parts of the world with several trips to Iceland, The Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway, Alaska and the Yukon Territory in Canada to name but a few with more trips planned for the future.

 As the years progressed, I have made various upgrades to my equipment.  A Nikon D7000 was next followed by the D7100, D810 and I now have a D850 and D500 allowing me to pick between full frame and crop sensor depending on what I am shooting.

This site contains galleries of my work from all the places I've visited around the world as well as images from the UK where I live.  If you would like to purchase prints of any of my images please get in touch using the contact form.  Likewise, if you are interested in commissioning any particular images id be more than happy to help.