Ravenscar Seal's

We have been visiting the Seal colony at Ravenscar for the last 10 + years and in that time we have seen it go from strength to strength.  In the early years you would be lucky to see the odd one or 2 bobbing around in the water or laid on the beach.  Now you have to be careful where you are walking as there can literally be one right behind the next rock. 


Visiting has always been a favourite activity whenever I've gone to stay at our home in Robin Hoods Bay.  They are magnificent animals and never gets tiring watching them.  As we were up for a few days between xmas and New Year we made sure we could incorporate a visit in one of our walks.  As per usual there must have been 100+ seals scattered in the area including a number of juvenile pups so the colony is certainly thriving.  What has however been sad to see over the years as the area has become more well known and thanks in part to social media there is more and more people coming to visit and whilst many visitors are perfectly respectful and come equipped for the climb many are in completely inappropriate footwear and clothing and do not seem to appreciate the danger of the cliffs and that these are wild animals and mothers with pups to protect so don’t want camera phones up close in their faces or people with dogs both on and off the lead lose in the area.  Whenever I visit anywhere for both wildlife or landscape photography im always mindful to make sure that I don’t disturb what im photographing and I have the right equipment to make my visit safe.

 I have added some of my pictures to the Seal gallery which can be found here and below