Red Squirrel Photography

I recently took a trip to Paul Fowlie’s Red Squirrel hide in the Yorkshire Dales.  He has recently taken over the hide and re-launched it.  We spent the first few hours in the main hide and then went out into the field nearby to photograph them running around the lovely stone walls.  He also has the option of a reflection pool although we didn’t use this.


Within minutes of arriving we started to see these lightning fast squirrels’ race around.  At times we had between 8-12 squirrels.  It was a fairly dull day just after xmas and the light was a problem.  I was shooting with my Nikon D850 and 500mm F4 lens which in truth was too long and too slow for the light conditions and the setup of the perch’s.  I was able to borrow a 300mm F2.8 which gave me much better results but still really pushing the ISO on my Nikon D850.  At times I was shooting at 8K ISO which is a first for me but I was very impressed with the results.


When we moved to the field the light was better and I was using my D500 and 200-500 but still around the 5K ISO range.  It was very interesting to compare the AF speed and also quality of the Bokeh between the Pro Nikon glass and the 200-500 and has sadly highlighted a gap in my kit bag for a 300mm f2.8 at some point.


All in all a brilliant day and to top it off I also spotted a white tailed Stoat at the hide which I've never seen before and has since been seen at the hide again.


A link to my gallery of images from the day is here..


If you are interested in booking with Paul you will be in for a treat and his web site is